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Wave of the Future on presale!

Hello beadlings!

Wave of the Future is one of Bette’s most popular collars.  It’s a very easy design to do, requiring only two sets of ladders.  This is a great starting project because you will learn the techniques you need to make the other Broad Collars.

Wave of the Future Necklace in Jet by Bette Kelley

Here’s what Bette has to say about the design:

Broadcollars have been the focus of my beadwork for the last 10 years. My collars are known for their complex use of color, texture, and structure. That was then…This is now!!! The name is descriptive of the undulating shape, but also references a pun. This is collar is small, uses a clasp instead of ties, and is – Gasp – monochromatic. It is an embellishment, a subtle accessory designed to make the observer take a second look.

The regular price for this kit is $69, but it’s on presale for $34.50. The kits should be shipping somewhere around December 1. They make up reasonably quickly and would make a wonderful Christmas present.  Once they start shipping, the price goes up, so get one now!


Beadily yours,


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