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Buy 2 kits and get an additional kit (even THE MOST EXPENSIVE KIT) at NO EXTRA COST!


Hello Beaders!

Already surfed the tidal wave of Black
Friday deals that don’t save you much? Tired of Cyber Monday deals spouting off about great savings you don’t
get? Wondering where the real deals are and what to get all your beading
buddies for the holidays?  You’ve seen BOGO (Buy one get one), 10%
off, buy this and get a premium, super special price JUST FOR YOU!!!!!! …
All of them are ho hum.  Great for the store, not so good for you.
I have got a deal that IS good for you!  One where the terms are in your favor.
One where you get what you want and don’t have to spend too much. I’m having a sale on
where you buy two kits and pick a third (whichever one you want) to get at no charge!
This isn’t one of those buy something and
get one “₣®€€” where it
is the cheapest one, or not one you want, or only available if you can stand on
your head and stack beebees on February 29th – and of course you have to pay a
lot of extra shipping to get it before NEXT Christmas. No, that isn’t my deal at all.
This is a deal where you get your ₣®€€ item right
away, at no extra charge, no special shipping, nothing other than you pick what
you want and tell me. And if you want, you can pick the most EXPENSIVE item
that you want and get it at no cost!In fact, I’m sure you’ll have the sense to do exactly that.
I’m offering a deal where you buy three for
the price of two. But with a twist! The way this deal normally works,
you get the lowest price item at no cost.  And often there is a very low priced
item you HAVE to buy to finish the project like needles or thread.
I’ve decided you deserve a better

Buy 2 non-presale kits get any other kit
at no charge!
   And I’ll pay the shipping to boot! 

That makes the third kit the
most affordable price ever: ZERO

Take a look at my kits and decide which currently available regular price kits you want.  Buy them.  Make a note of the third kit you want so you can make a note to the seller when you pay for the two lower priced kits and have me send the third more expensive one

Choose the two kits you wish to buy,
and list your gratis kit in the comments section of the paypal invoice (see the
figure below showing how to do this.
If you forget or can’t figure it out, just send me email and tell me). 

If you don’t want three kits yourself to
make or give as gifts, get together with your beading buddies and do a group

There is one restriction. This is only on
kits already made, no presale.  If you wish all three kits to come by the
holidays, you need to pick ones that are in stock and order by December 17th. If you’re willing to wait a
bit to get one, then you can buy ones that are out of stock.

  • Don’t forget, you don’t pay for shipping. It’s on the house.
  • And you also get the “Always enough beads” ™
    so you can feel good giving these kits as gifts. If you (or the gift recipient) don’t have enough beads, for whatever reason, just let me know and I’ll send the ones you need right away.  Of course this covers manufacturing problems.  But if your dog eats your beads, your cat uses the thread
    bobbin as a hockey puck, your 3 year old dumps a bead packet out on your shag
    carpet, or you spill coffee on your instructions, it still applies.  It’s a guarantee, not a scam. You will get enough beads and other components to make the kit up.  Just let us know what you need more of, and it will be on it’s way. 

As always, good things must end. This deal
ends on 
Monday Jan 2, 2016 at 11:59 pm PST. Make sure to get in on this deal to
receive your gratis bead kit! The really nice one. The one you want to have not cost you anything.

Joann Loos
3006 230th Lane SE #X103
Sammamish WA 98075

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