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Beads are in for Into The Woods Broad Collar. Get it while still on presale!

They are finally here!

The missing beads for Into The Woods Broad collar. Here is a picture of 1 kilo of the bugle beads.

The bugle beads for Into the woods

It seems like ever so long since I posted I was looking for them.  For those of you  who are interested in the inner workings of bead manufacturers, it is my understanding that they (Miyuki, Ornela, etc) make enough beads of one color to
meet demand for 5 years.  Or their best estimate thereof.  Being human they often make mistakes.   Since they have scheduled the glass furnace for years in advance, they can’t just stop and make more.  So sometimes beads go missing for a year or so.

That was the case with these bugles.  I had to check with bunches of vendors to find them. I was sent beads that were not the same beads.  I was told they weren’t available.  But I prevailed!

I’ll be counting the beads this week, and after that is done “Into The Woods” goes off presale.

If you want to get a great deal on a nice design for the holidays, now is the time to act!
Normally $159, presale $79.

Click here to buy!

Into the Woods Broad Collar

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Happy beading!

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