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My Bead Work Tray

My Bead TrayI use a bead tray to hold my current project. I find it’s a lot
easier to have a solid surface underneath the bead mat – it makes
moving the project around so much easier. I’ve found a nice
collection of tools I use on my mat. For full disclosure, I don’t
receive any money or other compensation for these recommendations.

My Bead Tray and Mat

BeadSmith bead trayI bought mine at a bead retreat with Cynthia Rutledge in 2005. The
tray and mat are made by BeadSmith. You can buy them at



Beadsmith Bead Mat

My Magnetic needle keepers

Magnetic Needle KeeperThese are the flower and leaf at the top of my bead tray. They keep
my needles and scissors where I can find them. One problem with the
magnetic needle keepers is that they magnetized my scissors. So
sometimes I find my needle attached to the scissors instead of the


My favorite scissors

My Favorite ScissorI bought these at least 20 years ago at a Walgreen’s store. I
absolutely love them and am so happy that one of my favorites stores
carries them.



My Needle Finder

Telescoping MagnetThis telescoping magnet is usually used by car mechanics to get
bolts that have dropped into the engine. But it works perfectly well
for finding needles on the floor. My boyfriend is especially happy
that I have this.

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