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Welcome to! Home of the “Always Enough Beads”™ Guarantee

Beautiful Jewelry Made by You

Free domestic and international shipping for bead kits!

Imagine owning designer jewelry, and having the joy of making it yourself!  Unleash your creative side with these beautiful pieces.  No trips to the bead store, no trying hopelessly to find the exact beads used in the designs.  Everything you need appears in a few days in the mail, and you are ready to start your new project.

Bead kits are a wonderful way to start beading, or to try a new technique.  Kits include instructions, beads, findings, needles and thread.

And we are the home of the “Always Enough Beads” ™ Guarantee!  If you don’t have enough beads, for whatever reason, just let us know and we’ll send the ones you need right away.  Of course this covers manufacturing problems.  But if your dog spills your beads, your cat uses the thread bobbin as a hockey puck and you spill your coffee on your instructions, it still applies.  Just let us know what you need more of, and it will be on it’s way.

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Kits Shipping Now

calypso_white_etsy_makredAll of the Swirl Spiral Rope Necklace kits are available for immediate shipping. Take a look at them at here



As always, Free Domestic and International Shipping on Kits

Half Price Presale on Bette’s Broad Collars!

Bette Kelley’s lovely Egyptian Style Broad Collars are available in kit form!  You can  buy a kit with all the materials and instructions you need to make one of these stunning works of art yourself!  Think of how fabulous you’ll look wearing a gorgeous broad collar necklace, and how impressed your friends will be when they find out you made it yourself!

Bronze Age Relic Egyptian Style Beaded Broad Collar by Bette KelThe best part is that you can get many of these kits for half price for a limited time during the HALF PRICE PRESALE!  The kits will only be on sale during the brief time between when I find sources for everything in them and when I can actually get the instructions printed, the beads counted out, and the kits assembled and ready to ship.  If you are willing to be one of the first buyers and wait until the kits are ready you can get them at HALF PRICE! You’ll never see these prices again!  Once I have the kits made they’ll be full price from then on.  Order early and save!

To see the exquisite broad collars that will become available click on:

And a Book!

Adventures with Bead Collars
Adventures with Bead Collars

If you already have too many beads, but still want to make Bette’s Egyptian Style Broad Collars, you can order her book.

It include basic instructions and 12 different projects.  To see more information, click here

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